Monday, February 7, 2011

One Motorcycle Show in Portland

We attended the night One Motorcycle Show Saturday in Portland.

It was billed as "Produced by Thor Drake and the Sang Froid Riding Club." It was more of an evening art show/warehouse party than a motorcycle show. It was in the hip warehouse district of Portland. Hipsters sure spend a lot of time and thought and care looking like they don't care how they look. Apparently I was supposed to wear all black OR vintage clothing. What was I thinking wearing my biker clothes? I road on the back of Stefan's bike - I do not like riding my own bike at night, and I pretty much refuse to ride my bike in the rain at night altogether.

There were supposedly 50 vintage and modern custom motorcycles at the show, but I would put the number at less than that. Even so, an interesting evening.

My favorite was the life-sized plush motorcycle:

as well as the life-sized plush PBR cans:

Stefan liked the motorcycle with two engines:

And the steam-engine motorcycle:

A fun night. More photos here.