Monday, August 27, 2012

White Water Rafting!

We have finally been white water rafting! I'm so embarrassed that I waited this long to do it. We'd seen the Big Sky Rafting blue rafts while motorcycle riding through Mt. Hood National Forest, and I looked them up on the Interwebs and booked an afternoon journey.

We're shooting the rapids!
We wanted something that was challenging - we didn't want to just float - but we didn't want to be so overwhelmed that we didn't enjoy it. We also wanted an experience that was so much fun we would want to go again. We got EXACTLY all of that. We will definitely do this again - maybe even an all day thing!

We didn't know the other people in our boat before the trip - they turned out to be very nice and game for whatever the day was going to bring. The guy to my right (in the ball cap) even jumped off a small cliff at one point (no, I did NOT, no thank you, not for me).

Getting Stefan Dietz to emote is not an easy thing. Big credit to Big Sky Rafting (and the Clackamas River) for getting so many expressions out of him and capturing it on film! 

WHEW!! Action shot!!! Yeah, we got wet. A lot. Long before we actually fell off the boat near the end of the trip, we were pretty much soaked. But we didn't fall out here, in this photo, believe it or not.

The water was not that cold, surprisingly enough, even though I think most of it is snow melt. But it's been warm in Oregon for sooo long - until this weekend, actually - and I think that it took away that really hard chill that mountain water can have.

Not that I didn't get cold - after it was all over and we'd gotten to land and I was standing next to the car in wet clothes, I did finally get really, really cold - and was cold for probably three hours after.

All the photos of us rafting.

That evening - oye, we were SO SORE. We limped around the house like old people. 'Cause we are old people. But the next day, with the help of a couple of Advil, I was fine.

So, if you come visit us any time other than the Winter, we'll take you to do this, or help you book! Because it's awesome!!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What we've been up to, August 2012 edition

Our first summer in the Pacific Northwest was the tail end of a drought - everything was brown. Last year, the sun didn't come out until the second week of August.

This year, the weather has been awesome! Which makes me feel guilty since the rest of the country is frying...

What we've been up to, in photos and visuals:
Next up - two week trip, mostly in Northern California. I'll be tweeting from the road, which you can follow on Twitter or follow by liking this Facebook page (tweets are automatically posted there; it's *not* my Facebook page but, rather my Facebook "fan" page, just for Twitter postings).

Oh and, yes, I'm still working part-time for TechSoup.