Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Holiday Update

At left: our Flying Spaghetti Monster tree topper. It didn't take long to make (and it shows!). It's made with off-white yarn (for the noodly appendages), brown yarn (for the meatballs), scrap paper (for the eyes), tape (holding the scrap paper together) and Elmer's glue (holding everything together).

Yes, all that time in Vacation Bible School making crafts finally paid off.

Stefan and Jayne wish you Happy Holidays! Ramen!.

* * *
My dear friend Anne is flying up from San Francisco to spend Christmas with us. So excited!

* * *
Stefan said that, among the many new Christmas decorations that had been inflated on a neighbor's yard was a "Big Evil Christmas Bunny." We went to have a look. It was The Grinch. I don't think I did a good job of explaining who The Grinch is. I hope it comes on TV soon.

* * *
When someone says "Happy Holidays", they are wishing you "Happy Holy Days," acknowledging the many HOLY DAYS celebrated by our wonderfully diverse country, *not* trying to deny your specific religion. So: Happy HOLIDAYS: Happy Saturnalia, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas, Happy Festivus, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Day of Ashura, Happy Sunday, HAPPY HOUR (the last is my favorite).

* * *
If I am in your liquor store and ask you for your selection of Kentucky Bourbon, and you include in your list Jack Daniels, I have every right to be condescending, as you have just insulted my culture *and* my taste.

* * *
I want a pith helmet.

* * *

I wish someone would subtitle the movie Fidder on the Roof in Dari and Pashto and show it in Afghanistan. Yes, I know it's about Jews in Russia, and Afghanistan is a Muslim country, but the reality is that SO MUCH of it is THE SAME:
  • First of all: it's a musical. Afghans LOVE musicals. Bollywood is huge in Afghanistan.
  • Secondly, the big men's dance number in the bar. If that's not an Afghanistan moment, I don't know what is.
  • Thirdly, the themes of the movie -- tradition in a time of change, preserving your family and honor, toleration without losing your values -- they all HUGELY resonate in Afghan culture
  • Fourthly, religion permeates the lives of the main family, another thing that resonates hugely with Afghans
  • Fifthly, the women are all covered at all times.
Come on -- the film was a hit in Japan where its themes struck a chord on a profound level with the locals. I'm telling you, this would be bigger in Afghanistan than Titanic (and that movie is HUGE in Afghanistan). And would bridge a lot of gaps in understanding the world outside of Afghanistan. Ofcourse, any kisses would have to be edited out (are there any kisses?).

So, when I win the lottery, you now know one of the things I'm going to do...

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  1. I think that Big Evil Christmas Bunny should be added to the cast of regular holiday characters.