Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You can help people have jobs in Afghanistan!

Times are tough for people in the USA. So many people jobless, or under-employed. Much less extra income -- maybe no extra income. The media and business leaders are talking about a recovery that's happening, but most of us are NOT seeing it. Scary! I really understand (wow, do I ever understand...).

But I hope you will consider donating just $15 (just $15!) to one man's effort to start a cleaning company in Kabul, Afghanistan.

I've been volunteering with BPEACE for a while now, and my most recent effort was to help mentor a Kabul man -- Sherzai -- in starting a cleaning company in Afghanistan. Working online with a cleaning company in St. Louis, Missouri, I prepared a detailed guide to help Sherzai know all that starting a cleaning company would entail, what "green cleaning" is and if it was realistic for him to pursue such with his company, how to budget for his start up, etc. A colleague in Afghanistan then donated her precious time to translate our materials into his native language (Dari).

A cleaning company in Afghanistan might not sound that vital or exciting, but it is hugely important. Homes and work places must be clean in order to keep people healthy and to attract foreign investments. Sherzai's effort has the potential to employ hundreds of people and set a standard that could encourage others.

Please consider donating just $15 to Sherzai's effort (it makes me sad to see him at the bottom of the leader board). Or donate to one of the other Afghan or Rwandan entrepreneurs wanting to start or expand a business in their home countries (each job has the potential to employ several dozen, even hundreds, of people). Or donate to BPEACE in general, to help all the entrepreneurs.

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