Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For friends on Twitter & those outside the USA

I cannot send texts to people outside the USA via my cell phone. My particular cell phone company does not allow such, and because of my current economic situation, I cannot afford any other cell phone company -- much less a smart phone. It hasn't been too big of a problem... but sometimes, it is a big pain in the neck.

Those outside the USA can send me texts to my cell phone -- a good thing to do when you are wondering why I haven't responded to your email or you need to reach me urgently. How? You text my Google phone number. Don't have it? Email me and I'll give it to you! However, note that, if you are outside the USA, I will NOT be able to text you back (but I can call you!).

You can also text me via Twitter, if you have an account, by becoming a follower of my private account. If you send me a private message via this private Twitter account, I will receive it via my cell phone. And, since you are sending it via Twitter, I can reply to it as a text, even if you are outside the USA.

Yes, I have TWO different Twitter accounts - one for my professional self, where I post links to my latest professional blogs, and another private account only to allow people to send me messages to my cell phone.

I thought communication was supposed to be getting easier?

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