Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidaze 2010

I have to admit to giggling over some of the documents written by US diplomats that were released by WikiLeaks, especially the dispatch A Wild Wedding in Dagestan, Russia (if it's not what comes up when you click on the link, look at the menu on the left). Because I've seen some of this in my work abroad. Ofcourse, send some foreigners to a wedding in Kentucky, and they could have equally crazy stories...

* * *

There is a relationship between Dubai and Kabul -- and Dubai and Bagdad -- that my favorite blogger has defined perfectly in a recent missive. It's so true! Have a read, even if you don't ever plan to go to Dubai.

* * *

Geesh, I hope with those first two items I'm not turning people off to traveling abroad. International travel doesn't have to be surreal. International travel can also be just as boring and predictable and comfortable and sterile as you might want, truly. I just happen to be one of those people that enjoys the surreal moments.

This broad loves to be abroad - and wishes more American broads would give it a try!

We are so hungry to travel. Stefan is as itchy as me. This is us. But the weather isn't cooperating. Nor are our schedules.

* * *

We had a nice visit to the Clear Creek Distillery in Portland (thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster MeetUp folks for organizing the visit!). Here's my review on Yelp. I didn't say on Yelp which items I liked, because I find that incredibly subjective, but I'll say so here, in case you are curious:

* * *

Thanksgiving 2010We also had a very nice Thanksgiving, just the two of us. We had tomato cream soup, made with tomatoes from my garden (thawed from my freezer), stuffing (out of the box, with fresh celery added), mashed potatoes (made by me mashing actual potatoes and cream), steamed green beans (flavored with onions), croissants, and pecan pie (store bought). All washed down with Korbel Brut. And all served in our gorgeous ceramic dishware from Stefan's home town of Hoehr-Grenzhausen -- except for the gravy in the Jerry Curry memorial gravy boat.

* * *

So thrilled to find a diet at long last I can do!

* * *

Our plans for Christmas? None. Stefan's boss is notorious for telling him to go somewhere far away the day before a trip (and his boss has usually known for days, even weeks in advance, but forgets to tell Stefan). I've told him that if its a trip to Europe, then I'll agree to it because I know Stefan would love to spend Christmas with his family and friends back home in Germany, and I would be fine here, as I'm not that big a fan of Christmas anyway. But any other trip at Christmas is absolutely unacceptable. In addition, his boss can expect a visit from me if he tries to send Stefan anywhere during my birthday in January -- for my last birthday, Stefan was abroad for business while I cried over Albi who, spent most of the month in a drug-induced stupor following emergency surgery. My 45th birthday needs to make up for that.

* * *
Some TV talk:
  • Locked Up Abroad rarely talks about actually being locked up. It should be called what I did to be arrested abroad.

  • The Full Throttle Saloon should be shown in MBA classes - it has great lessons regarding customer service, human resources management, strategic planning and crisis management, sometimes showing best practices and sometimes showing absolutely what you should NOT do when running a business.

  • Really loving Conan, though I tend to turn it off as soon as its time for the first guest.

  • So looking forward to the return of Parks and Recreation on January 20. It's the first show that closely resembles many of my work places.
* * *
Still so pscyhed about this.

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