Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More from Budapest

The food. Oh, the food.

Gerlóczy restaurant rocked my world. The broccoli cream soup with the big lump of ricotta cheese in the middle as an appetizer, followed by a main dish of white fish on top of polenta, covered in a mustard sauce, was so freakin' phenomenal that the chocolate mousse dessert was anti-climatic -- and if you know how much I love chocolate, you know what I'm saying. I'm still in a daze over that meal.

The night before, we ate at Centrál Kávéház, where I had "free range chicken paprika with noodles" (not sure if the chicken or the paprika was free range), which was actually in a beautiful paprika sauce, and was absolutely delicious. And the night before THAT, I had pumpkin soup with roasted seeds at Menza which also rocked my world (we talked about it all week).

Updated: We also ate at a place called Hummus, a Hare Krishna restaurant near the Danube; excellent Indian-style vegetarian cuisine (but not very spicey) and reasonable prices. And today I ate at an Italian sandwich restaurant called Pomo D'Oro, which was outstanding (get the lox sandwich!)

Budapest may have the best overall cuisine I have ever encountered anywhere on Earth. Come to Hungary hungry. Seriously.

Here is a bit about my presentation yesterday.

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