Tuesday, April 26, 2011

University Sports Teams Deceive & Undermine Gender Equity

Title IX, passed in 1972, banned sex discrimination in any federally financed education program. Over the next 40 years, the law spawned a cultural transformation: the number of women competing in college sports has soared by more than 500 percent — to 186,000 a year from fewer than 30,000 in 1972.

But as women have grown to 57 percent of American colleges’ enrollment, athletic programs have increasingly struggled to field a proportional number of female athletes. And instead of pouring money into new women’s teams or trimming the rosters of prized football teams, many colleges are turning to a sleight of hand known as roster management. Many are padding women’s team rosters with underqualified, even unwitting, athletes. They are even counting male practice players as women!

This New York Times article details this deception by colleges and universities in the USA.

It makes me so angry!

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