Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coon hound

So, this evening, I'm walking Miss Albi down Pine Street on our evening walk, and just when we're about to turn into this little alley that leads to the sports fields next to Ackerman Middle School, I hear a woman's voice saying *something*, at the same time Albi is pulling like crazy on the leash. And I'm thinking "is that voice talking to me" and "there must be a cat nearby."

We turn the corner, and there is this HUGE cat on top of the wooden fence to the right. And Albi is pulling HARD. And that woman's voice is saying something else, but I cannot understand the words, or if this is directed at me.

And then I realize that really big cat is actually a REALLY big raccoon, running as quickly as it can atop the fence. And I say something really dignified, like, "Holy shit! That's a raccoon!" And that woman's voice finally says something I can understand: "Yes, I know! I wanted warn you!" She was in the backyard bordered by the fence that said raccoon was now walking on - I could vaguely see her through the slats of the fence.

The raccoon jumped off the fence, into the next yard, and Albi pulled me as though she was a two-year-old, trying to get to whatever it was that smelled soooo gooooood to her.

I wish "coon" only meant "raccoon" or "coon-hound." I hate that it was appropriated by racists.

Well, at least it wasn't a bear...

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