Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muffie Potter Aston & her many challenges in life

The New York Times has a regular guest column focused on fashion, called "What I Wore." Now, it's true, I loathe fashion "news." I loathe fashion shows. I loathe all references to fashion outside of Absolutely Fabulous. I didn't get 75% of the fashion references on Sex in the City. So I'm predisposed to think little of "What I Wore."

But this latest column absolutely blew me away. Subtitled "Outfits That Walk Between 2 Worlds," it's by some 1%er called Muffie Potter Aston. I thought for sure it was a joke just based on that name and title alone. I read the column three times, thinking, "This is really a parody, like something in The Onion, this can't possibly be real." But it is real.

And it makes me physically ill. Let the freakin' class wars begin, Muffie!

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