Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Your imaginary world is a scary place

He shuffled into the tiny Fields, Oregon cafe and, after a few minutes at the counter, announced that the USA ambassador in "Lebanon" had been dragged through the streets and executed. He later expressed surprise that we had been near Yosemite because "they closed that park, because of the plague."

Of course, almost all of this is inaccurate: the ambassador had been in Libya, not Lebanon, and was carried through the streets by people trying to save him after he was attacked in the consulate. And Yosemite was never closed - there aren't even camping restrictions.

So, really, should it have been any surprise when he started ranting about President Obama visiting Colorado after the horrific fires, saying that the visit had prevented people from receiving help? Or when he said he wished the President had died in a plane crash because "he apologizes to foreigners"?

People that live in their own fantasy worlds, where their religion is the only "right" one, where the entire world is against them and their "values," where the President is a socialist Kenyan Muslim, where everything Fox News and Rush Limbaugh say is gospel, where their response to a challenge to a statement is, "You know I'm right. That's why you don't want to listen", would be fascinating if they were so freakin' scary. 

I walked out of the restaurant after asking the man to please stop saying he'd like for the President to be killed in a plane crash. The owner and other patrons said nothing. Silence means approval. At least this time, I wasn't thrown out.

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