Friday, February 1, 2013

Us - as cartoons & non-preppers

stefan, jayne and albiI drew these for a little announcement flyer to distribute in our neighborhood, so people know who we are. We're adorable!

Hopefully, it won't take months to meet our neighbors, the way it did in Canby. As I told a friend recently, I'm the opposite of a "prepper" - instead of isolating myself and creating a fortress and seeing everyone as a "taker" or potential enemy, I get to know my neighbors. That's partly because I like people, and partly because studies show that people that survive disasters are the ones that are part of communities where members have a strong sense of helping one another.

Not that we don't have enough supplies and equipment to get us at least five days without electricity or the car. But if civilization can't rebound in five days, we're totally screwed.

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