Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun with costumes

Recent goings on...

kimono from Stefan Stefan went to Japan for his job. I was insanely jealous! He's been to China and Japan without me! Well, I've been to India, Australia and Afghanistan without him, so we're even... just gives us both more places we have to go again someday together.

He didn't get to stay long - and didn't see much, because of work and snow. But his photos are worth looking at.

Anyway, he brought me a Japanese kimono! It's a "tourist kimono" - a polyester bathrobe that's made to look like a silk kimono, and doesn't take four hours and an assistant to put on. But I love it! I always wanted one of these as a little girl. I love the cranes, I love the snow-covered mountain on it... well done, my love!

The maps behind me in this photo, BTW, show where Stefan's been on his motorcycle in the Western USA and in Europe. Maps of where I've been via motorcycle wouldn't be nearly so extensive. This is in his office in our new house.

Nurse Jayne will see you nowHe also brought me this (at right). No, it's not to play doctor. We've seen a lot of Japanese tourists wearing while they are abroad - in Europe, we would see busloads wearing this while, for instance, touring Paris. Stefan says a lot of people wear such in Japan as well - so it's not just for tourists.

I wonder if anyone will bother to tell them that this just prevents you from spreading your diseases to others - it doesn't protect *you* at all from catching anything?

Yes, we're easily amused.

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