Thursday, May 7, 2015

Major Lucy triumph

Let me mark a major event for Facebook: Lucinda the dog figured out fetch and retrieve tonight. We had NOT been trying to teach her - we just like throwing the tennis ball and watching her grab it and pretend it's a ferocious beast, and we hope that, eventually, she'll drop it such that we can get it. But tonight, unasked, she *consistently* brought it back and dropped it at our feet. We're blown away by her intelligence. OUR DOG IS GIFTED. Fetch me the appropriate bumper sticker.

She's a year old now - her birthday was May 4th. Same day as May the Fourth Be With You day. I've never known any of my dog's birthdays. I gave her turkey bacon for her birthday.

Some recent photos:


Fierce dragon at B Street Trail start

Lucy and Venice

Lucinda amid the Dafodils

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