Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Coorie Doon House

Behold: I have named our house. It is now the Coorie Doon House of Forest Grove, Oregon. "Coorie Doon" is Scottish for "cuddle down (to sleep)." And we, the current owners of this house, do love to cuddle, and to sleep.

I've been wanting to give a name to this house since we moved here in January 2013. It took me more than three years to choose a name. The name, Coorie Doon House, is in honor of Mrs. MacDonald (could be McDonald), who was the first owner of this house, for whom the house was designed, and who, according to our neighbor, was quite proud of her Scottish heritage.

Our next door neighbor is a Campbell, and upon introducing himself to either Mrs. MacDonald or her daughter (who never married and lived in the house after her mother died), she (not sure which one) said, quite seriously, "I'm a MacDonald - I'm not sure I can live next to a Campbell!" She was referring to the Massacre at Glencoe.

So don't be surprised if Coorie Doon House starts showing up on our address.

Pemberly, Netherfield Park, Tara, Twelve Oaks, Manderley, Dragonwyck, Gosford Park, Windy Corner, Xanadu - and now, Corrie Doon...

And I have the name all picked out for my vast estate in Kentucky once we win the lottery, but you won't know it until later.

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