Tuesday, June 19, 2018

silence is privilege

You were silent when he called immigrants rapists.

You were silent when he used vile terms to describe women and bragged about sexual assault.

You were silent when he insulted Gold Star families and John McCain.

You were silent when he said about Nazis "Some are good people."

You were silent when he tried to ban Muslim refugees and legal immigrants.

You were silent as teachers of your own children protested in the streets and at state capitals across the country.

You were silent when his supporters said teachers should be armed.

You were silent as his appointees worked against public schools, shrunk public lands, got rid of regulations against banks that caused the most recent economic meltdown and removed regulations for clean air and water.

You were silent as words like "climate change" and "reproductive rights" were removed from official government web sites.

You were silent as the news broke that parents and children are separated at the border and that there is NO system at all for reuniting parents with children.

You say you don't comment because "politics is just so exhausting" and "I'm so busy with my kids" and "I don't want to upset anyone."

Your silence is privilege.

Your silence is also approval of what's happening now.

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