Monday, September 14, 2009

Here we are in Canby

Or as Stefan likes to say, "It Can Be."

I have some photos up here to show our transition into Oregon, including our move today into the house. Not many, and they are fun, I promise.

All in all, this has been a rough transition, beginning right after we "landed" in the Portland area after our wonderful cross-country trip. I've felt as foreign here as Stefan does, and I'm second-guessing all my decisions, something I really am loathe to do. I need cheering up. Come visit?

Our goals now are to get our things here from the movers (we're in an intense argument -- they've jacked up the price, b@stards), find jobs and find our "groove." Stefan's much farther along at finding his groove than me: he went to another gathering for adventure motorcycle riders (that means people who travel by their motorcycles, don't ride Harleys, and usually adhere to ATGATT (yes, we are a pro-helmet household). This was in Washington state. I'm thrilled that he's getting to do these rallies -- we both were so worried there wouldn't be these kind of riders here in the USA. There aren't nearly as many as Europe, but there's a small-and-growing community. The other day, he was on the side of the road, having a smoke, and a car that had just passed did the screech stop, backed up, and the guy rolled down the window and said, "Is that a Honda Africa Twin?!?" He's very happy to be in an area of the USA at last where his motorcycle is recognized.

I stayed behind, as I was on deadline for TWO consulting jobs (I go for almost a year with none, and then get two, both due tomorrow. WTF?!?). Stefan left for the Washington gathering at noon, and should have arrived before 3 in the afternoon, but by 8 p.m., I still hadn't gotten a text from him confirming his arrival. Not wanting to panic, I joined the online forum with members who organized this rally and posted to the group, asking anyone there to please tell Stefan to text me. He did, indeed, get the message and, since he had no cell phone connection, called me on a friend's phone. He got a lot of ribbing from everyone that evening ("Stefan?! Call your wife!!").

I also stayed behind because, as you know if you read the last entry, Miss Albi went into heat THREE MONTHS EARLY. It was a very abbreviated cycle, but annoying nonetheless. She quite loses her mind in the process, abbreviated or not, so it was best for me to stay with her. She's laying here right now near me, in a rather deep sleep. I hope she realizes soon that she won't be moving again, inshallah, for a long long time.

Just heard that Patrick Swayze died. I hated ALL OF HIS MOVIES. I mean, I HATED THEM. I could not contain myself from mocking "Ghost" nor "Dirty Dancing" when I saw them. The stupidity was beyond my toleration. That said, I thought Patrick Swayze, as a person, was the most charming interview ever and I never turned one off if it came on. I also thought his stint hosting "Saturday Night Live" is one of the top 10 best shows they ever did, no kidding.

By contrast, Kanye West is a poop head.

If you haven't gotten my new phone numbers, then email me and I'll pass those along.

It's after 9, and while I would love to lay down and deprogram after this long day, I've got paperwork to do...


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  1. Kanye was very contrite on Leno last night. I hope he means it. Even got all choked up when Jay asked Kanye what his mother would have thought of his behavior.