Friday, September 25, 2009

Jayne the Girl Scout

Meet the new Internal Communications Coordinator of Girl Scouts of the USA service unit 12 in Oregon - moi!

I know, I know -- why is Jayne, who doesn't even really like kids, volunteering for the Girl Scouts? Two reasons: first, because of Girl Scout day camp in the summers of 1975 and 1976 back in Kentucky (not sure if it was in Henderson County or not). LOVED those experiences: learning to cook outdoors, hiking, singing, even learning to build a latrine. LOVED it. Brownies was fun, but my Girl Scout troops weren't that great -- I'll never forget showing up to the Halloween party and every single girl came dressed as a princess, except for one girl. Me. I came dressed as an Indian scout, complete with Coon-skin cap and a painted face. But summer day camp -- it was all that.

Secondly, I love what Girl Scouts of the USA has become since I was a member 4 million years ago. The badges are so exciting and worthwhile now. All of the programs really push girls to push themselves, to learn, to explore, and to think about the choices they make or will make. And, unlike the Boy Scouts of America, you don't have to believe in God nor be heterosexual to participate! It just seems like a really good match for my strong beliefs about the power of girls.

So, my role with the Girl Scouts will be to help the adults who are helping girls. First, that will be helping members with their fledgling YahooGroup, which they don't understand how to use, as well as how to use GoogleDocs, which the GS state HQ uses regularly and wants all service units to use. Eventually, I'd also like to help with any camp-related events they have, as my time allows (and given my current lack of job prospects...). And I'd really like to help a girl go for her Gold Award.

And before you ask, no, our stuff STILL has not arrived. We're hoping tomorrow (Saturday). I feel like we're house-squatting.

Albi got sick and puked several times all over the house today. I think it's in honor of Buster, who did the same within 48 hours of our moving into our Sinzig flat back in 2004. I've uploaded a video of her getting a belly rub. Actually, a second video as well.

Louise from England plans to be here in Feburary, and Anne of the Frisco hopes to be here for Thanksgiving or Christmas. When will YOU be visiting Haus Dietz und Cravens?

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