Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's the World Cup!

It's World Cup madness again. I'm feeling nostalgic for four years ago, when the World Cup was in Germany. What an amazing time that was (a few photos here - I so regret not taking more). Soooo much fun. Very pleased at the US 1:1 draw with England (I was expecting a blood-letting) and Stefan loved the 4:0 result against Australia (the Germans looked textbook amazing, except for those two attempts at taking a dive which were STUPID).

I blew my Coca-cola World Cup horn for all USA and Germany goals. I'm sure the neighbors were all wondering what in the HECK was going on. If the USA comes in 2nd in its group, it will have to play Germany. Our household shall be... shall be... interesting for that game...

In the USA: if you want to see what the World Cup is about, find an Irish pub or a Scottish pub and watch some games there. No, it can't just be a sports bar -- you need a place where foreigners gather. That's a *taste* of what the World Cup is like for the rest of the world. Whats similar in the USA? March Madness in Kentucky, no question.

And for the record: the TV commercials during the USA world cup games are even better than the Super Bowl.

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