Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some web pages you might like

I've launched some new pages on my web site, designed for those who aren't volunteer managers, and aren't professional nonprofit staff -- rather, these new pages are for individuals, particularly young people, who want to do some good, or need community service hours, or want to fund a volunteering trip abroad, but aren't sure where to or how to get started:

For those seeking volunteering in order to fulfill a community service obligation from a court or school obligation.

Detailed information on Finding Community Service and Volunteering for Teens.

Detailed Advice for Volunteer Groups / Group Volunteering.

Ideas for Funding Your Volunteering Abroad Trip.

More than you ever wanted to know about Creating or Holding a Successful Fund Raising Event.

The majority of my web site, which is focused on those who are formally affiliated with nonprofits and NGOs, are ad-free. This new section of my web site is not. By clicking on any of the ads on these pages, you help me raise funds to maintain my entire web site (web hosting, domain name ownership and, ofcourse, my time).

So, tell your friends, and click on some ads!

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