Saturday, July 3, 2010

Still whirling in the World Cup: DIE MANNSCHAFT!

Sadly, Stefan had to work in Virginia, and could not see the incredible Germany v. Argentina game today. I called him and screamed "Gooooooooooal" when Germany scored within the first four minutes of play, and then kept him up-to-date with text messages after that.

As you all know, I fell in love with the World Cup when Germany hosted the games in 2006. The German team wasn't given any chance by anyone that year -- too young, too inexperienced, coach is too young and unorthodox, etc. -- but they played with spirit and grace, and they had FUN. Their chemistry together was irresistible, as were their personalities. So many players from four years ago are still on the team. If the USA had played Germany, I would have pulled for the USA, no question, but it would have been with a lump in my throat.

But coupled with my enthusiasm for Germany is my loathing of the Argentina and Brazil football teams (no one dives, cries and whines quite like those guys -- certainly not WOMEN soccer players), and my detesting of Maradona. I didn't even know who Maradona was until I moved to Europe in 2001, and my dislike was almost immediate. And when in a "friendly" match a while back Maradona refused to share the press conference podium with Germany player Thomas Müller, storming off and saying he would not share the stage with a "ball boy," I was LIVID. So when Müller scored against Argentina in the first four minutes today, I was yelling "Whose your ball boy NOW?!?" at the TV, sending poor Albi to the back bedroom for some peace.

Since Stefan wasn't here, and FaceBook was mostly silent, I read the commentary during the game to feel not-so-alone. It was hysterical. My favorite comments:
"Thank you Soccer Jesus"
(at half time) "Heinze trips over the corner flag and demands the referee issue it a yellow card. Maradona takes him out and replaces him with...Maradona. Germany continues to combine deadly accurate passing with ridiculously inaccurate shooting. Messi scores an own goal. Germany up 2-0. Wait, Messi was offside--goal disallowed, still 1-0. Pete Townshend asks Neuer for his jumpsuit back."
But even with the terrific German victory, I'm still grieving over the Ghana loss yesterday. It hurt soooooooooooo bad. And that FIFA banned Uruguay's Suarez for just ONE game for that handball is outrageous -- his butt should be on a plane home and his World Cup should be OVER.

And a side note: a group of US senators is getting behind an effort to bring the World Cup to the USA in 2018 or 2022! It was here in 1994, but few noticed (I was one of the few that noticed, mostly because I really liked Alexi Lalas and because the Italian sandwich shop I frequented at the time was decorated as a shrine to Roberto Baggio). I think next time, people in the USA would most definitely notice. I'm stunned at how much more people in the USA are in tune with the World Cup (Canby being an exception, ofcourse).

* * *
I have a garden for the first time in nine years! It's not much, and because of the cold weather of Oregon, I got a really late start. I'm doing all raised beds and upside down hanging planters (Topsy Turveys or Turvies or whatever): lots of peppers (most started from seed from bell peppers we've eaten over the years), five tomato plants (two in hanging planters), six strawberry plants, all in upside down planters, squash and a lot of herbs. Yes, ofcourse I have photos (look towards the end of the set). I probably won't have any food to eat until late August, but I've already started using the herbs.

* * *
We knew the weather would be bad for a lot of the year -- but not this bad. June and the start of July have been COLD and rainy. Even Stefan, who hates heat, is craving sun. So I'm now applying for jobs elsewhere in the USA, in addition to here in Oregon. We haven't lived in Canby a year, but we know this isn't it for us, and we're ready to move anywhere that either of us could get a great job and where Stefan can, at last, be a volunteer or reserve firefighter again.

Yes, I'm still looking for a job.

* * *
"This was a private incident between me and a bear," he said. "I was chomped on by a bear, and he was a bad bear, but that doesn't speak of all bears." First recorded bear attack in Kentucky! Scary...

* * *
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