Monday, April 13, 2015

Our own not-so-viral dog videos

There's nothing quite like watching our 11 month old dog, Lucinda, at 40 pounds (soaking wet!), playing with her best buddy in the world, Murree, a two year old Newfoundland, over 200 pounds. They loved each other the moment they found each other whilst walking through Forest Grove.

We love having Murree over for visits. It's our own little dog park in our backyard. I decided to use my snazzy new $80 smart phone (yes, eighty, not eight hundred) to record their antics. Oh how I wish I had videos of Buster and Wiley playing....

This is how they are when we first get Murree into our back yard:

Eventually, Lucy hits excitement overload. Lucy is a blur, while Murree is more of a loper:

Finally, when tired, they are each other's chew toys:

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