Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A great day for civil rights, human rights, and the Constitution of the United States of America: a federal judge has overturned California's gay-marriage ban today! Proposition 8 -- Proposition HATE -- will be talked about in 20 years with the same shame and astonishment that laws that prevented "mixed race marriages" are talked about now.

The best part of the day: seeing status update after status update on Facebook from all my friends, gay, straight, old and young, celebrating this ruling today. I've felt my faith in humanity get a much needed injection of hope as a result.

This is a victory not just for Americans who are gay, but also for Americans who are atheists or who do not want or cannot have children, because the way the Prop 8 proponents -- the Haters -- defined marriage, atheists and people who do not want or cannot have children would also be excluded from the rights of marriage. Would we have been the next target of their quest to curb the 14th Amendment? Most definitely.

Onward to the US Supreme Court!

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