Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My first motorcycle trip on my own bike

I did it! I took my first trip riding my own motorcycle! More than 1000 miles on a trip!

Here are all the details of our California trip, including links to photos. I decided not to put the travelogue text on this blog, because I think I'm going to create a section on my women travelers web site that is focused on motorcycle travel for women. I know there are tons of sites already -- a woman traveling by motorcycle is not unique. But I think I have a perspective that's not represented entirely by what's already out there. Plus, it would be a way to link to all the excellent existing resources for women motorcycle travelers.

Albi is fine - the dog sitter was great, as I can see from how calm and happy she was when we arrived and what great shape the garden is in.

I need a nap...

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