Friday, August 27, 2010

I hate ever-changing rules

It's readily available all over the Internet that a US citizen can get into Canada with a U.S. driver's license and a birth certificate.

What's not readily available is, to come back into the USA, even by train, you have to have your USA passport. You find this out only if you are lucky enough to find the information online (which I didn't, after hours of researching this) or you get ready to fly to Canada.

My passport is currently being renewed. It should have been here yesterday. Maybe it's sitting in my mailbox right now. But as I had to leave at 9 a.m. today to take two buses and two trains to PDX, I have no idea.

So now I'm trying to get any refunds I possibly can on hotels and flights. And it's not easy. But I must say that Expedia really did all that they could, and then some, even staying on the line with me as I rushed through the airport, back passed security, to cancel my check in (and at one point asking if I had had lunch yet and, when I said, no, saying, "You really need to be sure to eat something."

I don't mind rules, as long as I know what they are, and I'm happy to comply with rules, as long as I know what they are. As long as there's plenty of readily-available information about them. But I hate ever-changing rules. When it comes to airline travel, the ever-changing rules are usually at the security check point: "Oh, I see you have all your liquids in a plastic bag. However, your plastic bag is too big. Yes, I know you've had two flights today and used this same bag, but from the time you last flew two hours ago until now, the rule changed."

So, per the concerned Expedia representative, I'm going to have some lunch now, then head back home. Albi will be thrilled.

Would really like this day to get better...


  1. Jayne, you have needed a passport to travel to Mexico and Canada for two need to check in with me before you travel!!!!!! I can tell you most rules.

  2. No, Martin, I do NOT need a passport to travel to those places! I need a passport to get back into my own country, and that has only been true since April!!